Using a narrative theme chosen by the school and suggestions from the audience, ODP Ensemble members build a live dance/theater/ music performance right in front of the students’ eyes. We use student suggestions to generate choreography, dialogue and music for the show, which can be used to reinforce a particular curricular or social theme that the school is focusing on, while simultaneously teaching dance, theater and music vocabulary and skills.
Experience the fast moving fun of spark plugs and pistons in this hyper-physical romp through the mechanics of motors and engines and the inventive minds of their creators. Everyday applications of math, science and engineering are highlighted in this live performance featuring original music, theatre and dance.

Length: The shows run 35-minutes with an additional 5-10 minutes for a question and answer session with the students at the end. We generally request that schools schedule 50 minutes for the performance slot to allow for students coming in and leaving the theater.

Please let us know if you are interested in booking us for a school performance by contacting