“Our ensemble-driven work draws on the rich well of diverse talents and life experiences of our company members to make work that is athletic, virtuosic, witty, sharp, theatrical, whimsical, socially engaged and deeply human.” – Artistic Director, Annie Arnoult

Open Dance Project Auditions!

Friday, May 20th – 9:30am-12pm: Professional Auditions for Men

Saturday, May 21st, 3-5pm: Auditions for ODP 2 Youth Ensemble

Dada Gert, Photography by Matthew Gregory Hollis
Dada Gert, Photography by Matthew Gregory Hollis

Open Dance Project is a non-profit, contemporary dance theater company whose highly stylized performance experiences break down conventional barriers between artist and audience to make dance more accessible and meaningful for both. Dynamic, three-dimensional architectural environments and the engagement of interactive technologies collapse the distance between the subject and the stage, live performance and new media, dance and theater. Open Dance Project’s performance and education programs invite the audience to explore dance and dance making from their own self-determined vantage point – simultaneously demystifying dance and making dance matter. Explore this site to move step-by-step with artistic director Annie Arnoult through the concept, development, rehearsal and performance of Open Dance Project’s inaugural season.

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