“This was a re-initiation rite,” Arnoult said. “It feels like a good way to begin what will be a very inventive and challenging season.”

“If we decide to end it like this, it needs to be like a mantra,” choreographer Ido Tadmor says quietly. “We’re not trying to teach anyone. It’s a mantra for you.”

“We are definitely making social and political statements, and they come from a perspective of personal experience,” explains Arnoult.

“Her keen attention to detail, the timeliness of the subject (considering today’s political climate of social action) and the superb performances by her dancers astonished on every level…”

“This is about as immediate as dance can be.”

“The kind of art she was doing is the kind we’re interested in now: It was multidisciplinary, and everything was fair game,” Arnoult said. “Plus, it’s crazy fun.”

“Moments of plaintive, grounded business contrast with acrobatic partnering, kicky jigs and hauntingly airy dancing.”

“Hands down the most fully realized locally produced dance show.”

“Annie Arnoult and Garreth Broesche produced a seamless, dreamlike sequence of movement, music and spoken word that brought Guthrie’s story to life.”

“But it was the intensity of the performers, combined with the commitment of their movement, that so moved me.”

“The growing resources and energy here in the city – MATCH, Dance Source Houston, Young Audiences and HISD’s commitment to growing arts integration work in the schools–all of that served as cues for me that now was the time to take the plunge. I haven’t been disappointed for an instant!”

“A Houston native who’s come home after 20 years, Arnoult sensed room for her work in the city’s dance community.”