Presented by Open Dance Project
Annie Arnoult, Artistic Director
Robin Anderson, Managing Director

Choreographed and Performed by:
Joshua De Alba, Sonia Engman, Atticus Griffin,
Madelyn Manlove, Taylor McAnulty, Lizzy McGoldrick, Cameo Renee, Joseph Stevens, Jaime Garcia Vergara, Brenden Winkfield

Featuring ODP2 Dancers:
Ani Bartelt, Ruby Cullen, Imani Diaz-Anderson, Gabriella Gonzalez, Sarah Grace Nettles, Elise Ng, Gregory Richard, Savannah Richard, Ian Turner, Calvin Webb, Katherine Webb

Narration by Kevin Cooney

Joshua De Alba & Atticus Griffin, ODP2 Rehearsal Directors
Christina Maley, Production Manager
Tiffany Schrepferman, Original Lighting Designer
Lauren Davis, Props Designer
Ashley Horn, Costume Designer
Abby Flowers, Graphic Designer
Boomer Bardo, Sound Designer
Lynn Lane, Photography
BEND Productions, Videography


I. Toothpaste Factory
Chor. Annie Arnoult and Ensemble

II. The Buckets

III. Chocolate Dream Ballet
Chor. Annie Arnoult, Joshua de Alba, Atticus Griffin

IV. Spies
Chor. Joseph Stevens

V. The Golden Ticket
Chor. Annie Arnoult and Ensemble

VI. The Finders

VII. Mike Teavee
Chor. Joshua de Alba and Atticus Griffin

VIII. The Last Golden Ticket

IX. Willy Wonka
Chor. Joshua de Alba

X. Into the Factory

XI. The Chocolate River
Chor. Joshua de Alba and Atticus Griffin

XII. Oompa Loompas
Chor. Annie Arnoult and Ensemble

XIII. Augustus Gloop Goes Up the Pipe
Chor. Ensemble

XIV. The Inventing Room

XV. Fizzy Lifting Drinks
Chor. Annie Arnoult and Ensemble

XVI. The Nut Room
Chor. Annie Arnoult

XVII. Television Chocolate

XVIII. And Then There Was One…

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