• STEAM based family audiences show, Open Dance Project teaches “everything you ever wanted to know about engines” through dance, acrobatics, circus arts, and physical theater.
  • 28 minutes long divided into ten 2-5 minute chapters
  • For use in Pre K – 12th grade 
  • Equally accessible for classrooms, remote learners, and homeschool groups
  • Through written and spoken text teaches engineering concepts/vocabulary such as induction, compression, ignition, emission, crank shaft, rotary motion, linear motion, simple machines, steam engine, internal combustion engine, and more!

ENGINuity! Activity Videos

In these short videos, ODP company members lead dance and theater activities that accompany the performance of ENGINuity! Dance, Theater, and STEAM Concepts taught include: ensemble, tableau, levels, pathways, linear (connecting rod), curved (gears), linear and rotary motion, movement invention, repetition, gesture, rhythm, and sequencing movement.