Tiny Boxes

4 dancers

Two 6×6 Boxes

2 cameras, 2 projectors, 2 computers/monitors

2 mattresses

“Tiny Boxes” is a dance-theater quartet conceived and choreographed by Annie Arnoult, artistic director of Open Dance Project.. The piece is conceived as two overlapping duets (4 dancers total) that take place in the confines of two 6×6 cubes, concretizing the social distance we have been operating in during the Coronavirus pandemic. Each duet partner works alone in their cube, connecting with their partner in the other cube via live stream footage and audio of their movements, sounds, and text broadcast onto the walls of their cube and via a desktop monitor. The piece responds to the traumatic impact of physical and emotional isolation during pandemic life and highlights the resilience of our social beings through the dancers’ attempts to touch and love and hear and be heard from a distance through the artifice of media and technology.

Tiny Boxes

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