All the Devils Are Here collides Shakespeare’s The Tempest with the true story of an unsolved murder in the Galapagos in 1929. This immersive dance theater performance follows the failed attempts of a nihilist couple (Frederich Ritter and Dore Strauch), a conservative family (Greta and Heinz Wittmer and their son, Harry), and a baroness (Baroness Wagner) and her two gay lovers (Phillipson and Lorenz) to escape the world of man on the uninhabited island of Floreana. Their conflicting visions of Paradise, sexual and moral rightness, colonial instincts, and social and psychological demons lead to disaster and provide a rich canvas for a poignant examination of basic human rights, social justice, and power structures.

Seth McPhail

Frederich Ritter

A doctor who left a lucrative dental practice and wife to come to Floreana in search of independence and freedom from the oppression of society. He is an amateur naturalist, a vegetarian, a nudist, and a lover of Nietzsche and Lao Tse.

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Alisa Mittin

Dore Strauch

Patient turned protégé turned lover of Frederich Ritter. She left her husband and unsatisfying domestic life to join Dr. Ritter on his adventure in the Galapagos.

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Joseph Stevens

Ariel and Captain Hancock

A spirit in Shakespeare’s The Tempest who was freed from imprisonment in a tree by Prospera, whom he now serves until she decides to free him. Ariel created the storm that surrounds the island by order of Prospera. Ariel is a shapeshifter. We first meet him in the guise of Captain Hancock, a wealthy oil baron and amateur naturalist who is fascinated by and documents the happenings on Floreana.

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Yoshi Pineda


From Shakespeare’s The Tempest. An indigenous person to the island who has been enslaved by Prospera. Caliban is in love with Miranda, Prospera’s daughter, and is treated particularly abusively because of it.

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Annie Arnoult


The villain of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. The bitter, vengeful, exiled former ruler of Milan claims the island as her own and spends her time stirring the storm and creating havoc for the island’s inhabitants.

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Jordan Willis


From Shakespeare’s The Tempest. The daughter Prospera brought with her into exile on the island. Compassionate. Guileless. Dear. She is an empath who feels the struggles and injustices suffered by the other characters deeply.

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Jaime Garcia Vergara

Heinz Wittmer

A former bureaucrat in the German army with quiet disagreements about where the government was headed who has come to Floreana in search of peace and health for his sickly son Harry. Heinz is a quiet, committed, loving father and husband.

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Cameo Reneé


Harry is the sickly son of Heinz and Greta Wittmer. Heinz has very bad eyesight and trouble breathing, but seems to grow stronger on Floreana.

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Brittany Thetford Deveau

Greta Wittmer

The wife of Heinz Wittmer and stepmother of Harry Wittmer who came with her family to Floreana in 1932, published a book cataloguing the strange sequence of events that took place there, and whose descendants still live on Floreana today.

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Stacy Skolnik

Baroness Wagner

A young Austrian named Eloise Wehrborn de Wagner-Bosquet who comes to the island to build a grand hotel for wealthy Americans. She convinced the American oil baron Captain Hancock to produce the silent film The Empress of Floreana, starring her. She is accompanied by Rudolf Lorenz and Robert Philippson, her two German lovers. She is a fascination in European papers.

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Joshua de Alba

Robert Philippson

One of two German lovers who accompany Baroness Wagner to Floreana. Philippson co-stars with the Baroness in The Empress of Floreana, a silent film made on the island by Captain Hancock at the request of the Baroness.

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Taylor McAnulty

Rudolf Lorenz

One of two German lovers who accompany Baroness Wagner to Floreana. Lorenz is an architect and engineer, who funds the Baroness’ trip to Floreana, but is badly mistreated by both the Baroness and Philippson.

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Kirk Suddreath

Composer and Musician

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